My Services

My development Services are tailored to suit you, providing Software development, website design and website hosting, I take the time to understand your needs which ensures the development service and development support you receive your exact needs. From a simple page plan, right through to consultancy, development, implementation and testing services, I can help, whatever your needs.

Key services that I can offer to you

Application Software Development

Developing productive, engaging, secure web applications with cross-browser compatibility and a responsive design is my specialty. a web app offers companies a flexible, cost-effective way to meet this need. From a streamlined version of your internal system to increase the efficiency of remote or traveling employees, to an interactive tool to help build brand loyalty with your customers; a web application can deliver.

Application development is the process of creating a set of programs to perform the different tasks that a business requires. From calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, applications help businesses automate processes and increase efficiency.

Database Application Development

Database applications are designed to collect, organize, and manage information efficiently. They're used to sort data by criteria, perform calculations, create reports, and share information with team members.

Software Consultancy

If you need help in identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and a more profitable business, my software consultancy can help. I’ve been providing consulting and advisory services for over 5 years. my experienced Consultancy will give you unbiased, independent view of how best to align your technology with your business plan.IT solutions must add value to the business. Although it may seem obvious, it is worth stressing that this needs to be the focus to truly succeed in practice.

My software consultants put emphasis on fully understanding your business model. Based on this knowledge I advise you about the software solutions that best add value to your business. Either through investment in new solutions, improved IT architecture or usability, or by creating even better integration between existing software solutions.

Application Support & Maintenance

From priority bug-fixing to our in-house helpdesk; I’ll support and maintain your software throughout its lifecycle, even if I did n’t build it. Once applications are delivered, I’ll provide full, consistent and dedicated support for the remainder of its life.

Custom Application Development

Every aspect of a business has a unique demand, and each of these demands has to be met by a dedicated application. Since most business owners lack familiarity with programming, they take one of the two routes to get the required solution—buy packaged software, or pay a service company to build it. When off-the-shelf software doesn't meet specific business requirements, the best option is to go custom. Hire developers to build apps for you, or build on your own with do-it-yourself tools.

To customize software, business owners turn to service providers, who build apps to their specifications. However, such solutions are both cost and time-intensive, as they impose a high degree of dependence on the providers for upgrades and support. And the final product may not be in tune with the actual requirements when it's built by someone who's unfamiliar with the business.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

A simple, cost-effective way to access your new software application. Websites running 99.9% of the time, backed up in different geographic locations so stay live in an emergency, Unix operating system and Apache servers,, Shared SSL certificates ...

Dedicated Support
We offer 24/7 support for all our web hosting plans, this includes email, online chat and phone support.

Privacy Protection
We protect your personal information from being displayed at WHOIS to safeguard you from spammers.

Domain Theft Protection
We lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred out accidentally without your permission.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization termed as SEO is one of the essential tool of Internet Marketing, ensures the higher ranking of webpage. We specializes in seo services delhi. Riding high on this I concentrate on internet PROMOTION techniques and Search Engine Optimization tools aimed at getting you to the top of the search engines. As your Search Engine Optimization firm, we assist you in developing long term web marketing Search Engine Optimization strategies that will ensure HIGH Return on Investment (ROI) and specific goals.